Fear Tactics

Fear as a companion provides protection and adventure.  Fear often warns us of dangerous situations, in essence, becoming our consummate guardian.  Thrill-seeking fear gladly tags along on any adrenaline pumping activity.  Fear is typically the first one to pat us on the back for surviving some unpleasant or potentially dangerous moment in our lives.  Fear chimes in with thoughts of guaranteed future success, “You can handle anything now. You’ll be ready next time.”

Fear can sometimes have a disproportionate hold on our lives because fear is alone without us.  For fear to survive and continue to be part of our lives, there has to be the promise of a next time.  To be a constant reminder of itself to us, much like a rear view mirror, fear can make itself seem larger or closer than it may actually be.  Unknowingly, contrary to its own wants and needs, fear may have a paralyzing effect on our lives.  Without the thrill, we become immobile, no longer nourishing fear.  Fear will flee, leaving us alone, trapped in our own perception of itself.   Fear overcome by loneliness makes no one a winner.

It may not always be easy to face our fears.  But, it is preferable to acknowledge our fears than to be paralyzed by them.  Every next moment awaits.