Coffee Break

Next time you take a coffee break and mull over all of those New Year’s resolutions, be sure to give yourself a break.  It is easy to make grand plans.  Do not be hard on yourself for not starting off the year as the new ideal you.  It may take you a bit to get into a new rhythm, whether it is to follow your new, perfect daily sleep schedule or that healthier diet and exercise plan.  A coffee break is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your own company not just the company of others.

I enjoy drinking a cup of cappuccino.  The warmth of  the cup on my hands reminds me that I am alive.  The texture of the cup against my fingers, the smoothness, the irregularities, reminds me of the beauty all around me.  The frothy milk topped with either cinnamon, cocoa or nutmeg brings to mind the playfulness of childhood.  Each sip slows down my thoughts just enough to let them be heard, reminding me I’m there.  I hope to enjoy many a quiet and calm coffee break like this in the coming year.  I wish you, too, many an opportunity to listen to your own thoughts during your coffee breaks in the midst of the day-to-day.

Happy 2015!