The Number 1 Casualty of Uncertainty

The potential loss of a job, the sudden change in health of a loved one, a troubled close relationship or any similar unwanted or unpleasant event looming over us often causes angst. We may feel we are headed into an Inevitable train wreck at full speed, with no certainty as to what could be around the corner.  We may fear the worse of all possible outcomes.

During uncertain times, we should try to focus on things which may be under our control, such as eating well, exercising and sleep. Contemplating the uncertainty and “what if” of a situation with an uncertain outcome diverts our attention from being present to ourselves and others. As a result, our work, our health and our relationships may suffer, further adding strain to an already stressful situation. Change is constant, and, yes, sometimes, unavoidable, but we should try not to allow the potential for unsettling changes to consume us to the point where it inhibits our day-to-day activities.

One of the best things we can do during uncertain times is to take care of ourselves so we may be better able to handle the outcome of whatever uncertainty lies ahead.

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