To All Artists and Art Lovers

This is one of my favorite quotes. There are many ways that we can incorporate art in our everyday lives.

When I feel down, writing or listening to music makes me feel better.  I know people who enjoy to draw or take photographs when they are down or need some way to recharge. We do not necessarily have to go to a museum or a live artistic performance to enjoy art in our lives.  We do not even have to be artists ourselves. We are lucky there are many art forms available to watch, admire and listen to online. Even when we need to break from our loved electronic devices, we can still do things like go for a walk and admire nature’s artistic hand or read a book or listen to music.  I hope this weekend you find a way to connect with art or the artist in you.

This quote is one of three quotes to be posted over this weekend as prompted by Little Sunshine at 1617 Sunshine Avenue for a 3 Day Quote Challenge.

3 Replies to “To All Artists and Art Lovers”

  1. I LOVE this!
    Yes, art has immense strength of pulling us out of a rut or a down phase! You just inspired me to go continue on that painting I started a while back…

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