In Loving Gratitude

I have been learning about writing and storytelling by going to writing courses, workshops and conference for the last several years.  I have had the privilege to work with great writers and mentors along my writing journey, including Zelda LockhartAlice Osborn and Chris Abani.

This year was an amazing year. I have been actively working towards my vision for Rinconez, which I started last year. I was accepted into my first writing residency. I even ventured out of my comfort zone and started writing poetry, tweeting micro-fiction, posting on Facebook and connecting with the writing and blogging community. I have discovered and read the work of many talented artists, writers and poets. I have learned so much from the larger writing and blogging community, not just about writing but about community.

I am thankful for being welcomed into the writing community. I am thankful for every writer who dares to write and bare their soul.  I am thankful for you for reading this post.

In Loving Gratitude,





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