Travel Companion

Where am I going? What’s my location?
I wouldn’t know where I am without you,
You, who Get the Precise Source of my orientation,
guide me on how to get to my destination.
As your follower, I take your queue,
follow you blindly on your every instruction.
You are ever near though I’m miles from your view,
my talking map, my loyal companion on this my vacation.

Blogging U.
This poem is the ode from Day 5 of Blogging University’s
Writing 201 Poetry class. Follow all my Poetry class posts: 

12 Replies to “Travel Companion”

  1. Very nice take on the prompt, though I would never follow my GPS blindly ever since a little weather disturbance (by which I mean rain, and I live in the Pacific Northwest) caused my phone GPS to tell me I was several blocks over from where I was. Luckily I was still near home where streets were familiar and not close to the destination where I didn’t know my way around. Peace, Linda

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