I don’t know what it is about mornings, especially “Monday mornings“. I typically feel like everyone can see that I was unsuccessful at being everything that I wanted to be to everyone, including myself.

On Mondays, I feel unmasked. All of the things I hoped to get done over the weekend didn’t all get done. The planning ahead for the week, didn’t get done either. I didn’t even relax or rest enough…let alone spend enough time with others, being social or just being there, being in the moment.

It can be easy to go through the week making plans, feeling productive. The rush to Friday, the promise of a fun-filled weekend, becomes the lure. Then, the weekend comes, never feeling long enough. It can be hard to shake the feeling of never having enough time because of the many plans we made for our free time. In the process, we become hampered by our own plans and our desire to be the hero in our own story.

On Mondays, I feel unmasked. None of them seem to fit, not even the most comfortable one, now worn and tattered. And, the shiny one, the one with the sequins that I like to put on for the weekends seems out of place for a Monday. I don’t feel powerful or strong or even courageous so all of my Superhero masks are out of consideration. None of my masks seem appropriate.

On Mondays, what you see is me. 



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